Kampion - Acoxxpa

Digital release, 2014 (Static Discos, TJ)

Duopandamix - Infrarrojo 

CD, 2006 (Static Discos, TJ)

Duopandamix - Afternuclearbomb

CD, 2003 (Static Discos, TJ)


Guevara - Ataraxia

Digital Release, 2019 (Static Discos, TJ)

Kampion - Chupacabra’s


Digital Release, 2009 (Gridlife, LA)

Kampion - Invisible 

Digital Release, 2005 (Filtro, CDMX)

Compilations / Remixes / Colaborations

Static Discos 15 (2002-2006)

Compilation featuring Meteorix, by Duopandamix. 

Digital Release, 2017 (Static Discos, TJ)

Static Discos 15 (2012-2016)

Compilation featuring Ivert Airolg, by Kampion. 

Digital release, 2017 (Static Discos, TJ)

Low and Behold 

Compilation featuring Motor, by Kampion. 

Vinyl, 12’’, 2013 (Static Discos, TJ)

Residual Stock

Compilation featuring Moscomonoblock, by Kampion.

Digital release, 2012 (Static Discos, TJ)

Dark Party - Feets / Flats

Featuring Flats remix, by Duopandamix

Algorythm and Blues - Cute Ass Algorythm

Remix by Kampion

Vinyl, 12’’, 2009 (Mouthwatering Records, Switzerland)

Various - Nucleoroto 01

Compilation featuring Stones and Ghosts, by Kampion. 

CD, 2008 (Nucleo Roto, CDMX)

Various - Safety Stock

Compilation featuring Round 13, bt Kampion. 

Digital Release, 2008 (Static Discos, TJ)

Antiguo Autómata Mexicano - Kraut Slut

Featuring Mitte remix, by Kampion.

CD, 2007 (Static Discos, TJ)

Various - Histéresis

Compilation featuring Dreamy Snapshot, by Kampion

Digital release, 2007 (Filtr, CDMX)

Kobol - Extempore

Featuring Kampion’s Dreamy Snapshot remix , by Kobol. 

CD, 2007 (Static Discos, 2007)

Various - Netcandy Volume 1

Compilation featuring Primaveral, by Kampion

Digital release, 2006 (Sonic Walker, Netherlands)

Various - Región 4 

Compilation featuring Popotla Sound Machine, by Kampion

Digital Release, 2006 (Filtro, CDMX)

Terrestre - Secondary Inspection

Featuring Ultratumba remix, by Duopandamix

CD, 2004 (Static Discos, TJ)

Various - Electronic Latin Freaks

Compilation featuring Mandarín, by Duopandamix

CD, 2004 (Subterfuge Records, Madrid)

Stock - A Static Discos Compílation

Compilation featuring Tuinpix, by Duopandamix

CD, 2003 (Static Discos, TJ)

Various - Parapulse Tuck

Compilation featuring Circuito Interior, by Duopandamix

CD, 2003 (Cocosolidc1t1, Montreal)


Compilation featuring Mandarín, by Duopandamix

2 x CD, 2002 (Suave Records, CDMX)

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